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Fire Report - 8/13/2018 - 9:00 pm update


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Significant fires with high activity levels in Oregon and Northern California from Redding on up will be reported on and updated daily. Significant fires are those of 100 acres or more in timber, or 300 acres or more in grass.

This page will be updated as any significant fires are occurring that are a concern. We will not report on fires that are in mop up mode and not considered a threat any longer.

We are now at National and Local Fire Preparadeness level 5. This means that all available resources are committed and we are deep into the reserve forces. The bottom of the barrel. This also means there are few if any resources left unassigned in the US. The next step is to call up the active duty military and National Guard into fire fighting roles. The National Guard in several states have already been called up. That includes California and Oregon. 

Here are links that we find invaluable to what we do. I suspect you will too. 

For National Large Fire locations click here.

This next one is both a fire locator and an awesome mapping device. You can use a zoom in, zoom out feature in the upper left hand corner that allows you to really see a fire's perimeter based ont he last mapping done. It is the single greatest resource we have seen for staying on top of fires for general location, and then being able to zoom in on a fire and get specific mapping of the immediate area. Highly recommend you use this. Click here to open it.


On Sunday July 15, lightning started hundreds of fires across Southwest Oregon. At last count 280 total. They were rapidly responded to by the US Forest Service, Oregon Department of Forestry, Bureau of Land Management, Local Fire Districts, Tribal and Crater Lake National Park firefighting resources. Although many fires have already been contained, we do have five long duration events that resulted.


Taylor Creek Fire - west of Merlin and Grants Pass in Josephine Counton a mix of the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest, BLM and private lands protected by ODF. 46,300 acres in size, and 45 percent contained at last report. The fire is burning in timber and medium logging slash. Active fire behavior with short crown runs, uphill runs and spotting. Numerous structures, and Rogue River recreation sites threatened. Evacuations, road and area closures in effect. The Taylor Creek Fire is under command of the Alaskan type 1 IMT with Tom Kurth as the IC. For fire information including maps, click here

LEVEL 3 "GO NOW!" evacuations in effect. Click here for the evacuation orders or notifications in effect.

If you have not signed up for Josephine County Citizen’s Alert, Josephine County’s emergency notification system, you can sign up on line at

Rogue Valley Fire Information telephone number: 541-474-5305

Smoke may worsen symptoms for people who have pre-existing health conditions and those who are particularly sensitive to air pollution. If you would like more information about air quality in the area you can go to the Oregon smoke blog here

Klondike Fire - North of Selma in Josephine County on the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest, and also private property. Last estimate of acreage 51,120 acres at 15 percent containment at last report. The fire is in timber and brush fields from prior fires in the area. Extreme fire behavior with short crown runs, uphill runs and spotting. The Alaskan type 1 IMT in command at Taylor Creek has command of this fire too. Residences threatened. Road and area closures in effect. A level 1 "Be ready" evacuation advisory is still in effect for all areas near Selma and Wilderville north of Highway 199. For fire information including the latest maps, click here

LEVEL 3 "GO NOW!" evacuations in effect. A Level 3 evacuation is in effect for the Illinois River Road due to both the actual fire and fire fighting operations. Click here for current information. Be sure to check the Forest websites for information about current conditions. Click here.

Miles Fire - Burning on the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest, and private property northeast of Trail, and northwest of Prospect in Jackson County. It began in Douglas County on the Umpqua National Forest and has moved south into Jackson County. This fire merged with the Sugar Pine, and Goodview fires.  Last estimate of acreage is 30,974 acres, 10 percent contained. The fire is burning in timber, grass, and brush. The cause was lightning. Active fire behavior with running, spotting and group torching. There is a unified command on this fire that consits of national type 1 IMT with Doug Turman IC, and an Oregon Department of Foresty IMT with Link Smith as the IC. A fire fighting crew from Puerto Rico has arrived to assit with efforts on this fire. This same crew worked on the North Umpqua Complex of fires in Douglas County last summer. Structures have been lost to this fire. That was one residence and one barn in the upper Elk Creek and Dodes Creek areas. For fire information including the latest maps, click here.

Level 3 "GO NOW!" evacuation orders were issued in Jackson County. To see evacuation information, click hereFor updated fire information including the latest maps, click hereHwy 62 is seeing heavy fire fighting traffic from Lost Creek Reservoir to Crater Lake National Park. The highway itself is not threatened in this area at this time. Use caution driving it and watch out for fire fighting vehicles. At this time no threat to Prospect, or Union Creek. 

Columbus Fire - 10 miles west of Union Creek in Jackson County. The fire is actually in Douglas County. Burning on the Umpqua National Forest, State, and privately owned lands. This fire is a merging of 3 fires that had been in the South Umpqua Complex. The Columbus, HD, and Criple Creek fires. 9,545 plus acres at last report, 14 percent contained. Active fire behavior with single-tree torching, short-range spotting and flanking. The fires are burning in a variety of fuel types. The fires were started by lightning. A Northern Rockies Region Type 1 IMT led by Doug Turman is in command of the fire. There are a number of agencies assiting with the fire including ODF. The Cow Creek Indain Tribe is also assiting as they have land holdings in the area. Fire fighters are working hard to improve the scratch lines they have been able to get established. They are also taking advantage of terrain features and prior burn scars in the area to help contain the fire. For fire information including the latest maps, click here.

Porcupine II9 miles east of Clarno in Wasco County on a mix of BLM and private lands. 486 acres, and 25% containment at last report. Moderate fire behavior with creeping, flanking and isolated torching. The fire is burning in brush and grass. Cause is under investigation. We still do not have a lot of details on this fire. They did issue evacuation notices for the fire, but did not go to ordering evacuations. The fire is in remote, steep terrain. There are road closures. A type 3 regional IMT has command of the fire. A large resource order has been placed, especially for air support. 




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NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Humboldt, Del Norte, Shasta, Trinity, Lassen, Modoc, and Siskiyou Counties - 

Natchez Fire - 15 miles southeast of Cave Junction in Josephine County on private lands and the Rogue River Siskiyou and Klamath National Forests. Last estimate of acreage is 13,115 acres in size and 55 percent containement at last report. The fire is burning in timber, chaparral and hardwood litter. Active fire behavior with torching, short-range spotting and uphill runs.  The cause was lightning. A type 1 IMT from the Northern Rockies led by Mike Goicoechea is in command.
Fire behavior is active and fire growth continues primarily to the south, closer to populated areas. Mandatory evacuations remain for residences near South Fork Indian Creek in Siskiyou County. Evacuation warnings continue for Sunstar in Del Norte County and areas in the Indian Creek area in Siskiyou County along CR 7C001 (Grayback Rd.) north of CR 8C01. Rogue River-Siskiyou and Klamath National Forests have issued a fire closure area for the Natchez Fire. Road. Incident started on the Rogue River-Siskiyou NF and has burned onto the Klamath NF (approximately 8,066 acres). The fire threatens private timber lands and 69kV powerlines. 16 Australian firefighting personnel are supporting the Natchez Fire in leadership positions.. For updated fire info including the latest maps, click here.
Carr Fire - Burning in Shasta and Trinity Counties from near Redding west to Buckhorn Summit and then north into Trinity County. Burning on land protected by Cal Fire, the US Forest Service and the US Parks Service. 206,816 acres acres in size, 63 percent containment at last update from Cal Fire. Active fire behavior with uphill runs, torching and short crown runs. The fire is burning in timber, brush, and grass. Cause is due to a vehicle malfunction according to Cal Fire. It was NOT arson. There are multiple agencies in joint command of the fire, with a Cal Fire IMT 1, (Gouvea) in the lead.
The main areas of fire spread is primarily fuels and topography driven with high potential for roll out and spot fires. 1,077 residences have been destroyed and 191 residences have been damaged; 500 outbuildings are destroyed. National Guard assigned, assisting in the protection of the evacuated areas as well as involved in suppression activities. No repopulation orders were issued today. Mandatory evacuations are still in place for 65 civilians. All evacuation centers are closed. Infrastructure currently threatened or impacted include: Chappie Off Highway Vehicle Park (BLM); active and historic mining sites; Heritage sites of the Wintu Native American Tribe; Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) 115KV and 230 KV power lines; Shasta County Landfill; REU power generation plant; timberland (both private & federal). Shasta Bally repeater has limited operability due to damage from the fire. This repeater is critical to the public safety radio system. A mobile repeater is being placed on Sugarloaf. The South Fork Repeater site has sustained major damage. This site hosts the local AM/FM radio stations and local TV, including local news. Other components damaged at the site include AT&T cellular site. Highway 299 is open to the public during specified times; 1200 - 1400 with a pilot car and 1800 - 0500 with a pilot car - from the Visitor's Center to Sand House.
LEVEL 3 "GO NOW!" evacuations in effect. For updated info including CURRENT evacuation orders, click here.
Hat Fire - Final report - Burning in Shasta County northeast of Burney on land protected by Cal Fire. 1900 acres in size, 75 percent containment at last update from Cal Fire. The fire is creeping and smolderng. All road closures have been lifted. The investigation into what started this fire is continuing. For updated fire info, click here.
Hirz Fire - Burning in Shasta County east of Lakehead on the Shasta Trinity National Forest. 4,531 acres in size, 5 percent containment at last update. The fire is burning in timber, and chapparal. The cause of the fire is being investigated. The fire is under command of Nor Cal Team 1 with Curtis Coots as IC. Fire behavior was moderate today. Evacuations are in place along Hirz Mountain Road. Structures threatened are in the Gilman, Waterman, and Hirz Mountain Lookout road system. Structure assessment continues in Salt Creek. Endangered species habitat, private timberlands, water systems, and developed recreation sites are threatened.. For updated fire info, click here.

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