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We will be covering ALL things for the home and garden in Southern Oregon. You will find ideas and tips for home improvement, landscaping, and also gardening information. This information is very important to many Southern Oregonians. If you live outside of Southern Oregon, you may still find information you can use here.

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Now is the time to be conserving water. Here is an excellent video full of all kinds of tips.

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You can also save water by utilizing water reducing washers. This video will show you what to look for and how to install them.

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Here is another great video with tips for conserving water.

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We are going to be facing water shortages this coming summer. Here is a video that will give you guidelines on how to conserve water and also to make sure you are doing things correctly when it comes to watering.

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Here is a video that will show you the benefits of using mulch and polymers to help conserve water, and extend the benefits of watering.

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When it comes to growing a garden with water restriction being a concern, drip systems offer a great way to deliver the water you need and it will also cut down on waste. This will nor deliver high volumes of water, but it will give your precise watering. Here is a great video that explains that.

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One thing that you can do is to install a rain barrel irrigation system that collects rain water from the roof of your home. Here is a video that shows such a system and how it works.

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Using raised beds for gardening is a great way to have a garden that also conserves water. This video will show you the basics on what to do with a raised bed system using very little water. 

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Southern Oregon has a very long growing season for the Northwest. Here are the dates of the last frosts of the year on average. This will be the beginning of the outdoor growing season for most plants.

Here are the dates of the first frosts of the year on average that bring the growing season to a close

Here is a very good general information article about gardening in the Rogue Valley. This will cover the basics.

How to Grow Vegetables in Medford, Oregon


By Patricia Bryant Resnick, eHow Contributor

Medford is in the heart of the Rogue River Valley of southwestern Oregon. Its location, midway between the Cascades and the Coastal range, has hot summers and pronounced, but not harsh, winters. There is little ocean cooling in the summer, but the ocean influence offers some protection during the winter. The Sunset Western Garden Book gives winter lows down into the teens, and summer highs over 100 degrees. The vegetable growing season is from early May through the beginning of October, about 150 days. Medford, Oregon is one of the prime gardening areas in the Pacific Northwest.


Use pots to start warm season seedlings such as tomatoes, melons, squash, peppers and eggplants.

Begin readying your vegetable beds. Chop and turn over any winter cover crops that you planted in the summer or fall, and add compost and other soil amendments.

Plant cool season crops directly into your garden in the middle of April, such as radishes, peas, chard, lettuce, green onions and other salad vegetables, unless you are still having regular frosts..

Plant beets at the end of April.

Put potted seedlings out into the garden at the end of April. This "hardens them off," or allows them to adjust to your garden. Protect them from late frosts, snails and slugs.

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