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The General Recreation Page will feature activities that everybody enjoys doing in the outdoors of Southern Oregon. That will vary by season. But, we will give you a lot of information on all kinds of ways that you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors in this special part of the world that we live in.




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Off Roading - 

Off roading is a very popular pass time here in Southern Oregon. This is an activity that spans a wide range of platforms. Everything from motor cycles and ATVs to full size SUVs. All kinds of people enjoy "mudding" as it can be referred to. And there are plenty of places where that can be enjoyed legally. There are also plenty of places where it cannot. And those areas closed to off roading are usually very well marked. However, sometimes people just do not take the signs seriously. One such place is the south end of Emigrant Lake east of Ashland. The mud flats on the south end can be very enticing for off roaders. But, that area is closed to off roading. But, some just seem to want to tempt fate. And then they wind up like this needing to be rescued by the Sheriff's Department. They also become a news story. This of course does nothing to endear off roaders to the non enthusiast community out there who frequently see the damage done by illegal off roading. 


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So now that we have discussed what is illegal, let's discuss where you can go and have TONS of fun!! And boy do we have choices. There are four major off roading areas here in Jackson County alone. You can access these areas on almost all types of vehicles. And all of them offer something to challenge every vehicle type and driver / rider level of experience. The links provided will give you every bit of information you would want to have about these sites. There are also videos up from each site showing you what is there. 










Typically in December we are looking at snow oriented outdoor recreation. However. this is not a typical year by any stretch. So, we are looking at activities that world nomally be greatly curtailed by snow, or at least the dreary rainy days so typical of this time of the year. Hiking is a great year round activity here. But, it usually is more of a spring through fall activity for most. So since the weather is cooperating, here is information on one of my favorite trails to enjoy.



Ok, so it is not a trail. But, there are dozens of them out there. NONE of them are physically demanding in the least. This makes it a great place to take the whole family. A perfect way to work off those holiday meals and sweets. The greatest appeal to this area is the chance to mix in observing wildlife or doing bird watching. Wildlife is out here in abundance. The same is true of birds. Get field guides to both wildlife and birds and make a game of it with the kids. It is a very fun way to learn about the world around us. And, when it comes to birds, you just never know when you are going to spot a rare to very rare to this area visitor. The diversity of habitat out here makes it a very big draw for both migratory and resident HERE for more information



 Another activity that becomes more of a die hards only activity at this time of the year is golf. But of course, this year has not been typical. So golf is still being enjoyed by many who normally have put the clubs away for the winter. We have great golf courses throughout Southern Oregon. One of them is Stewart Meadows Golf Course here in Medford. Medford might be one the largest cities I can think of that does not have a municipally owned golf course. So lacking that, Stewart Meadows fills the bill as a muni style course. Depending on which sets of tees you play, it can be both a forgiving course from the forwards, to a course that will put a premium on accurate drives and placement from the rear tees. But, do it right and you can shoot the best round of your life here. The par 3 7th is likely one of the most frequent hole in one shots in the valley.  My favorite hole on the course without question is the par 4 3rd hole. It requires you to make two well placed shots to gain the green. But do that and you are all but assured a chance for a birdie here. For more information on Stewart Meadows, click HERE




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