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Here in the Northwest we have an amazing cross section of ski areas. From the small community focused areas like Mt. Ashland, to the destination resort that is Mt. Bachelor in Central Oregon, there is something for everyone, and every ability level. There are really challenging runs and terrain out there, and then there is gentle easy to handle slopes perfect for the novice or the beginner level skiers or riders. Ski season here in the Northwest is a long one typically beginning in late November and running through Memorial Day.

Rogueweather will keep the focus local with reports daily for all four of the ski areas in our immediate region. They are Mt. Ashland, Mt. Shasta Board and Ski Park, Willamette Pass east of Eugene, (the closest ski area for Douglas County skiers and riders), and of course, Mt. Bachelor. In addition, you will find daily reports from areas in the Tahoe Basin and Mammoth Mountain in the Sierras, and also from Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia. You also get daily reports from Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Jackson Hole has been rated the #1 ski resort in North America in many surveys of skies and riders..

The guy doing the reports is Greg Roberts who worked at Mt. Bachelor for 7 seasons, and is a former ski racer. Greg raced throughout the Western US and Canada competing in slalom, giant slalom, and super giant slalom. Many of the ski areas outside of Oregon that are reported on are personal favorites of his. Especially Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Whistler, British Columbia.

REPORTS FOR 2/17/2018 - As of 11:30 AM







Mt. Bachelor reports snow and windy conditions this morning. The temp is 31 degrees at West Village and 28 at mid mountain. Winds are strong over the entire mountain this morning. There was an inch of new snow overnight. The snow base is 567 inches at West Village and 76 inches at mid mountain. 7 lifts are running today 9 am until 4 pm. Cloudchaser and Outback are on wind holds. It is not looking like they will run. 80 runs out of 112 will be open. 55 runs have been groomed with new over packed powder surfaces. There are marked and unmarked obstacle out there. DO NOT GO onto closed runs or into terrain due to unsafe snow conditions. All facilities at West Village are open, including the Sno Blast Tubing Park from 10 am to 4 pm. It runs Fridays  - Sundays and holidays. Sunrise Lodge and parking lots are open. Pine Marten Lodge is open, Scapolo's and Sparks are open. Sparks is open Friday - Sunday and holidays. The parking lot at Skyliner is open for season pass holders as there are no ticket sales there.

As for the Nordic Lodge and cross country skiing operations, they report that temps at 7 am were 27.5°, snow temp is 26, and RH coming in at 86%. The trail network has a full groom for skate and classic including all of the Uppers and Middles and Lower Deveckas's and Leslie's Lunge. The middles and wooded trails are very rprotectred and offerring great skiing.

Century Drive to the mountain has packed snow, and spots of ice. Plows and sanders are working. Carry chains and please drive up safely.

Mt. Bachelor is the major destination resort for the Pacific Northwest. It draws skiers and riders from Northern California to Washington and beyond. Mt. Bachelor is well known for it's forgiving slopes and plentiful snowfalls. Unlike many resorts in Oregon, Mt. Bachelor seems to regularly get the type of cold dry powder more typically seen in the Rocky Mountains. Mt. Bachelor has the most high speed lifts of any resort in the Northwest and that keep lift lines small. The mountain itself is very spacious and has two main base areas, West Village and the Sunrise Lodge serving the east side of the mountain. Mt.Bachelor also has established a reputation for some of the very best grooming of their runs in the entire ski business. When I worked there in the mid 80s to the early 90s, Mt. Bachelor was frequently voted as THE best grooming at any major ski resort in the country. That legacy lives on. It is also highly praised for it's high speed lifts. 

Mt. Bachelor has year round activities beyond just winter fun. In the summer they will run the Pine Marten lift to access the Pine Marten Lodge for dining and sightseeing on the weekends. In addition, Mt. Bachelor built an extensive system of Mountain Biking trails in the West Village area. These are well designed trails that will give a challenge to riders of all ability levels. Mt. Bachelor will be home to premier Mtn. Biking competitions in the summer and fall.



Timberline has snow and freezing rain coming down this morning. The conditions are impacting operatrions. The temp is 32 degrees at the lodge. Winds are breezy at the lodge to 20 miles an hour and moderate to high out on the mountain. There was 5 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours and 2 inches since 5 am this morning. The snow base is 87 inches at the lodge with more out on the mountain. 4 lifts are running today. The Bruno, and Pucci lifts run 9 am to 9 pm. Molly's Chair runs 9 am to 8:30 pm. The Jeff Flood Express lift runs from 9 am to 4 pm. Stormin' Norman and Magic Mile are closed today. They did groom many runs on the lower mountain. Expect new over packed powder surfaces on those runs. Remember, use caution if you go off open runs and terrain. There are unmarked obstacles out there. Stay safe. There are three terrain parks open today. Conways, Schoolyard, and Thunder. The highway to the mountain reports packed snow. Carry chains and drive up carefully. Highway 26 has rain with bare pavement. Drive up carefully.

Timberline Resort is located on Mt. Hood here in Oregon. It might have the longest ski season in the world with lifts running from the beginning of November through July. In my ski racing days, we trained at Timberline from late May through July. Timberline can and does get snow during all 12 months out of the year. In really snowy years it would be possible to do year round skiing on natural snow. The long ski season is what makes Timberline unique. It is not a big ski area in terms of acreage or lifts. But, if you feel that need to ski on the 4th of is where you can do it with chair lifts running.



Mt. Hood Meadows reports rain at the base this morning, with snow and freezing rain higher up on the mountains. The temp is 32 at the base, and 27 at the top of the Cascade Express. Winds are light at the base, but high to 50 miles an hour out on the mountain. They had 5 inches of new snow overnight. The snow pack is 66 inches at the base, and 98 inches at mid mountain. 8 lifts out of 12 are scheduled 9 am to 4 pm. The Cascade and Vista Express lifts, plus the Heather Canyon chair are all on hold and not expected to run today. 5 lifts will run for night skiing until 9 pm, including the Mt. Hood Express. They did groom runs last night. The surface of the groomed runs is new over packed powder. Be watching for marked and unmarked obstacles. If terrain is mark closed, please do not enter it. Their Nordic Center is open. They report 15 kilometers of trails groomed and set. Highway 35 to Mt. Hood Meadows reports spots of ice at Bennett Pass. Sanders are working. Carry chains and drive up carefully.

Mt. Hood Meadows is located on Mt. Hood's east side and is Oregon's second largest ski area. It has a total of 12 lifts serving it's terrain. And, that terrain is some of the most challenging you will find anywhere. But, there is plenty of easy going beginner and lower intermediate terrain here too. This is the most popular ski area on Mt. Hood for those coming out of Portland. It is the defacto ski area for Hood River and the communities in the Columbia River Gorge. Because of it's proximity to Portland and the Northern Willamette Valley, weekends and holidays can be very crowded up here. Meadows is blessed with a long season. It typically will begin in mid November and then will run through early May. 



Hoodoo reports rain and snow this morning. The temp at the lodge is 36 and it is 31 up top. The winds are high to 55 miles an hour up top. The snow base is 34 inches at the top. 4 lifts are running from 9 am to 4 pm. Manzanita, Easy Rider, Ed's, and Green. Manzanita and Easy Rider run until 9 pm for night skiing. 30 runs are open, with 16 groomed. The groomed runs have machine tilled surfaces. The Autobahn Tubing Park remains closed. Highway 20 to Hoodoo has bare pavement with rain. Carry chains and drive up carefully.

Founded in 1938, Hoodoo is Central Oregon’s original ski area. Hoodoo sits on the summit of Oregon’s Santiam Pass and is Oregon’s most centrally located destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Just 44 miles west of Bend, 85 miles east of Eugene and 130 miles southeast of Portland, Hoodoo Ski Area offers more than 800 acres of terrain, 32 runs, five lifts, night skiing, and one of the largest tubing parks in the West. The ski slopes are on a big, rounded butte, with lots of wide open terrain. So whether you prefer deep and challenging powder or finely groomed runs, Hoodoo has something for you.

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As is the case with Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Mt. Ashland is closed pending the arrival of more snow. And, like Mt. Shasta Ski Park they are saying the closure is only until more snow arrives. They will be keeping an eye on the situation moving forward. If the snow flies again, they will be ready to go.

Mt. Ashland has been providing Local Mountain Fun to the residents of the Rogue Valley since 1964. A very family friendly ski area, Mt. Ashland has a compact layout of just four chairs and one base lodge. It does make it much easier to keep track of everybody. It has something for everybody up there....but the higher end terrain is something that you just have to experience. This is one of the more challenging mountains to ski or ride on in the Northwest. It has been said if you can ski Mt. Ashland, you can ski anywhere. To increase the beginner experience, the Sonnet beginner slope has been regraded and a rope tow installed. Mt. Ashland typically is open in early December and the season will run into April. There is night skiing on Thursday and Friday nights from January through mid March. Mt. Ashland has a full rental shop if you need any kind of gear, and certified instructors are on hand to help you become the skier or boarder you truly want to be.



Mt. Shasta Ski Park has made the decision to close again to await more snow. While they can make snow, they do not have high capacity snow making like the resorts further south, or Mt. Bachelor has. They really need natural snow to be able to truly operate. They have also announced they will make a final decision about the season on or before March 1st. If the storms have returned and snow is flying, then all is well. But, if the snow has not returned, they will look at the data available at the time to decide if they close for the season or not. 

This is the only seven days a week ski area between Mt. Bachelor and the Tahoe area. The Mt. Shasta Ski Park is a very inviting ski area that families just love. It has ideal terrain for novices and beginners, yet it also balances that out by offering challenging slopes for experts. Mt. Shasta Ski Park is a very compact area so keeping track of everybody is very easy to do. They have night skiing Thursday through Saturday nights, and then again on holiday nights. There are a total of three chairs and a surface lift here. The surface lift is a rope tow that is used for beginners only. The season at Mt. Shasta is typically from early December to mid April. The Ski Park sits in an ideal spot to catch the storms as they roll around Mt. Shasta so that the snow can fall deep in big storms. However, if there is a scarcity of natural snow, they do have snow making which can be used to augment the real stuff.....or create their own base. This ski area is a favorite of skiers and riders from both Northern California and Southern Oregon. It is the closest skiing and snowboarding to the Redding, Chico area, and Susanville in Northern California and many of the visitors here come from those areas. To get to Mt. Shasta Ski Park take I 5 to Mt. Shasta City, Take State Highway 89 and then follow the signs to turn onto the access road. Mt. Shasta Ski Park is unique for the western United States. It is one of the very few ski areas in the western US that does not sit on National Forest land.



Mammoth reports sunny skies this morning. The temp is 42 degrees at Main Lodge. Winds are breezy to 15 miles an hour over the entire mountain. The snow base is reported at 36 inches at Main Lodge and 84 inches at the top of the mountain. 27 of 28 lifts are running today. Chair 20 is closed as it always is unless there are big crowds up. 132 runs of 166 are listed as open. 78 runs are groomed with machine tilled surfaces. There are marked and unmarked obstacles in the open terrain and runs. If you go off open runs, there are unmarked obstacles all over the place. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to go off open runs, or terrain at this time.

Mammoth is located in the southern Sierras of California. This is the closest major ski area to the Los Angeles and Las Vegas metro areas. As such it can get very crowded in the base areas. Traffic to and from the mountain on weekends can be a nightmare. But, the mountain itself is huge and it can spread people out well. Mammoth is well known for running late into the season for skiing. Many years Mammoth can offer skiing on the 4th of July. Mammoth is also used as a spring time training center for ski racers. The US Ski Team has been coming here for decades to train in April, May, June, and even into July.


Heavenly reports sunny skies this morning. The temp at the base of the Gondola is 45. Winds are breezy at 10 - 20 miles an hour over the entire mountain with gusts to 30 at times. The snow base is 89 inches. 23 lifts are running from 8:30 am to 4 pm today. 66 runs out of 94 are open. 38 were groomed with machine tilled surfaces. Please stay on open runs and in open areas only for your safety. You are advised to always go in groups or with a partner. Never go alone. The tubing center is open today, it runs 9 am to 4 pm. 

Heavenly is one of the best ski and snowboarding vacation destinations in the entire world. Sitting right on the border between California and Nevada, you do literally ski and ride from one state into another. With Mott Canyon and Killebrew Canyon you get some of the greatest lift served back country terrain in the United States. This makes it an ideal place for experts. If you tire of getting a workout on Heavenly's terrain you can always take time off in the casinos at the bottom of the mountain in Nevada. A gondola serves that area now so you can get whisked right back to skiing and riding when you are ready. With the combination of the casinos, you get an experience that does not get duplicated anywhere else in the world. Ski or ride all day and then head to the casinos for outstanding dining, gaming, and entertainment. Big name performers are always on stage on the South Shore at the base of Heavenly. This is by far my favorite place to take an unwind ski vacation that mixes in so much more than just being on the mountain.


Sugar Bowl reports sunny skies this morning. The temp is 26 degrees at the base and 39 up top. Winds are light at the base and moderate to 25 miles an hour up top. The snow pack is reported at an estimated 24 inches at the base, and 47 inches up top. They are making snow as temps allow. 9 lifts out of 12 are running from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. 77 runs out of 105 are shown as open and 38 of them have been groomed with machine tilled surfaces. Early season conditions exist and there are marked and unmarked obstacles everywhere. Please stay out of closed areas for your safety. The Access Gondola will be running from 7 am to 7 pm. 

Sugar Bowl is a personal favorite of mine from my early skiing days. It is a popular ski area for those in the Sacramento area, and also the Bay Area of Northern California. Sugar Bowl is in the north end of the Tahoe basin off of I 80. For something very unique, park in the old parking lots of the Donner Park Highway and ride the gondola into the ski area. This used to be the only way to get to the lodge at Sugar Bowl.




Whistler Blackcomb reports snow coming down this morning. The temp is 32 at the base, and 17 up top. Winds are calm at the base and moderate to 25 miles an hour up top. They report 2 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours. They report 2 inches of new snow overnight. The snow base is 113 inches at mid mountain. All lifts are open today. The Horstmann T bars on Upper Whistler, and Franz Chair on Upper Whistler are back up only lifts at this point. They will not be included in the reports any longer unless operating. 148 out of 154 runs are shown as open today, and 113 are groomed with new over packed powder for the groomed run surface today. Use caution when going off open runs. Marked and unmarked obstacles are out there. You are advised to always go in groups or with a partner. Never go alone.  

Whistler Blackcomb hosted alpine ski racing events during the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. It is a very large area in terms of acreage and spans two mountains. Blackcomb Mountain, and Whistler Mountain. There is a village at the base of the two mountains that reminds me somewhat of Vail, Colorado. They can accommodate crowds very easily. You find the biggest lift lines in the mornings at the base of the Gondolas and the other lifts coming out of the villages. Once you get people up on the mountains lift lines become very short due to the capacity they have to move people. Whistler also has one of the largest grooming fleets in the world and usually offers more groomed runs than most ski areas have for runs in total. They do a great job of providing an excellent experience. Once you come here for the first time, you WILL want to come back.


POWDER ALERT! 4 - 8 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours. Jackson Hole reports partly cloudy skies with snow showers. The temp at the base is 33 degrees, and it is 15 at the top. Winds are light at the base and moderate to 35 miles an hour up top. The snow base is 69 inches at mid mountain and 100 inches at the top. 11 of 12 lifts are running today from 9 am to 4 pm. The Sublette lift is closed due to winds. 109 runs are open today, with 47 of them groomed. The groomed runs have soft packed powder surfaces. Marked and unmarked obstacles are out there. You are advised to use caution when going off open runs. Always go in groups or with a partner. Never go alone. 

Jackson Hole is located in the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming. A place of breathtaking beauty, it has been ranked as the number 1 ski resort in the United States for the last four years running. If you have been there, you know why. Excellent lift service to get you more runs. The runs are buffed into superb shape by a fleet of groomers. They see some of the driest powder anywhere and when it dumps here, it really dumps! The ski school is excellent, and the staff everywhere is friendly and welcoming. But when it comes right down to it, Jackson Hole has the BEST in bounds lift served expert and advanced level terrain in the country. Just outstanding! Courbet's Couloir is a legend. If you think you can handle steep, just stand at the top of that thing and work your courage up. But, you better be good! The Tram runs right above you so you are putting on a show. I highly recommend Jackson Hole as a great vacation. I loved going there in the ski racing days. One of my favorite stops. The nearby town of Jackson has plenty to see and do as well. And, Yellowstone National Park is not far away either.



Willamette Pass has still not opened. I am getting reports from Eugene stating they may not open this ski season at all now. They have not been able to open at all so far unlike Mt. Ashland and Mt. Shasta Ski Park. I will let you know as soon as I know.

Willamette Pass is located in the Cascades east of Eugene along Highway 58 right on the crest of the Cascades. Willamette Pass is the closest ski area to Eugene, the Southern Willamatte Valley, and Coos and Douglas Counties. They also see a lot of visitors from Northern Klamath County and Descheutes County. Willamette Pass has a total of 5 chairs. It is a very diverse ski area in terms of the terrain. It has very gentle beginner terrain, but it also has one of the very toughest lift served runs in the country in RTS, which stands for Rough, Tough, Steep. It absolutely is. If you can conquer the top of this thing, you can ski or ride ANYTHING! Willamette Pass is very family friendly and lift tickets are modestly priced. If you have never been here before, make sure to put it on your list for next season. During the summer the Eagle Peak Accelerator Chair runs to provide access to miles of hiking and biking trails. They also have a number of activities that occur.

Mt. Ashland is undertaking a survey to find out what people would like to see from them moving forward. This is being done as a project for Southern Oregon University students. You will not have to reveal your identity. They just want to get a feel on what people would like to see. To take the survey click on "Take the Survey".

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