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July is when we usually see summer come on with full force. There will be days and days of uninterrupted sunshine even in years with normal rainfall. Temps will begin to soar and hitting 100 is very common. The average high in Medford for the month is just under 90 at 89. 70 would be a very cool day, and as for heat........well the all time highest temperature ever in Medford happened on July 20th, 1946 when it hit 116. Rainfall even in a normal year in Medford is just a quater inch. Most of that, if not all of that, is usually the result of thunderstorm activity. Many years, even in wet ones, July can be bone dry.

So what can we expect through the middle of the month?

The latest data says that early to mid July will not be normal for temps. Temps are expected to be above average. This means that 90s to near 100 will be showing up west of the Cascades where 80s, and 90s would be expected. East of the Cascades be expecting 80s and 90s. The Coast is the one part of the region that looks to be holding closest to average without much fluctuation. 

As for rainfall......the data is showing us that we are going to be dry across the entire region. Remember, July can register as a zero rainfall month in Medford. This is looking very much to be a situation where the only rainfall that we could asee would be from heavy drizzle at the Coast and in the Coast Range, and from convective showers and thunderstorms in the inland areas. 

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