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Weather Summary - 6/21

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The first day of summer was only a bit on the summery side. Highs today were very pleasant and certainly going to be MUCH better than what we will see Friday through Sunday. We did have a stronger marine air push in to the Umpqua Basin than we expected to see this morning. It took until afternoon until that really burned out. And then some higher level clouds replaced that helping hold temps down in Roseburg and making it feel much cooler up there. Medford hit 88 for a high today and that was cooler and noticably so from yesterday. And while things were tranquil and cooler inland, the same could not be said of the Coast. The Southern Oregon Coast is experiencing a strong Chetco Effect as winds are rushing down from the Coast Range and helping heat thing up over there. Brookings Airport was at 90 today and I saw a lot of social media posts of temps in Brookings and Harbor up into the 90s. Those temps are going to continue unabated through at least Saturday. As night time lows will be in the 60s, and Heat Advisory was issued for Curry County and also for Josephine County for tomorrow. Heat advisories will also be up for Del Norte, Humboldt, and Trinity Counties in Northern California. The immediate coastal areas will not be covered by it, but you do not have to get very far inland to find the heat. I sdid say there is a strong Chetco Effect going. That is due to the position of a high to our east and a thermal trough that has set up over the ocean. This draws air in from the north northeast and this creates the Chetco Effect. And that air coming in warms as it runs down the west slopes of the Coast Range. And that is how Brookings got to 90 today. The winds were gusting to over 30 miles an hour inland. We did see some 40 mile an hour gusts on headlands and out over the ocean. Expect the winds to persist through Saturday too.

Now inland for the valleys we will begin our heat up tomorrow. Highs in Medford will get back to the mid 90s. East of the Cascades 80s to near 90. Down in Northern California the valleys of Western Siskiyou County could be reaching 102. On Friday temps continue to climb and this could be a 100 degree day in Medford. East of the Cascades, valley floors and basins will get into the 90s. The Valleys of Western Siskiyou County could be reaching 108, possibly higher depending on if east winds set up. And then Saturday hits! The thermal trough over the ocean will begin to move inland and temps soar as a result. Medford is projected for 106 on Saturday as of now. East of the Cascades the valleys and basins could see 100. That would surely break records and could approach all time highs for June over there. But, those valleys of Western Siskiyou County will really sizzle! Highs should be around 112 - 113. I will not be surprised if Somes Bar gets to 115. Oh, by the way, don't expect relief overnight. It is going to remain warm through the night time hours too. Medford could see a low of nearly 70 for Saturday night. It was not that long ago that a 70 degree high was a cause of great celebration. Because the nights will be so warm following really hot days, we have a heat advisory up that will blanket Southern Oregon and Northern California except for the immediate coastal areas from Friday through the weekend. Look for possible Excessive Heat Warnings in portions of the region as well. I have a hunch we might see that for Western Siskiyou County before all is said and done. Now for as hot as Saturday will be inland, cooling will be arriving at the Coast as the flow shifts from off shore to on shore. Have no idea yet how long it could take for that transition. But, when it does happen Brookings will drop from 90 to the 60s.

The thermal trough moves inland on Sunday. This does 3 things. The strong winds at the Coast will be gone by Sunday if they do not dissipate earlier on Saturday. It also gets temps starting to drop inland. Medford is projected for 106 on Saturday and then 103 on Sunday. Look for similar drops in temps everywhere inland. The valleys of Western Siskiyou County may see steeper drops as the east winds die off. Night time lows will be coming back down for Sunday. The third thing to be watching for is the slight chance for isolated thunderstorms over Northern California and for the Cascades for the afternoon and evening. This would not be a widespread event at all. But, we could get just enough of everything needed to get a storm to pop. The flow will be turning southwesterly helping get moisture up into the area. And of course we will have heat for lift. As we move to Monday, the temps continue to drop for all areas. Highs in Medford will be back under 100 as we expect upper 90s. East of the Cascades we will see 90s holding strong for one more day. Monday does look more favorable for possible thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening as there will be more moisture to work with. Calling it a chance for isolated storms over Northern California and the Cascades and Sisklyous. Lower elevation areas east of the Cascades will have a slight chance, while upper elevation areas east of the Cascades will have a chance for a storm to pop.

The really good news comes Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be seeing seasonal weather returning with highs in the 80s for the valleys west of the Cascades, and 70s to the lower 80s eaast of the Cascades. So the heat is going to be intense, but it will be of a typical duration for our area. We will get off easy compared to California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern Nevada where the temps have been broiling for over a week. 



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