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FOR 4/22/2018 - 

It was not that long ago that we were all wondering when or if spring was going to show up. Well, now the question is..."will it really be 90 in Medford Wednesday?" Before I answer that, let me get you up to speed on the situation. We will see the ridge over us deepen. At the same time we have a thermal trough over at the coast. This is the one two that gives us our hot weather in the summer.....and can also give us very warm to hot days in the spring. Temps are going to ramp up significantly across the area tomorrow. We will see 80s widespread west of the Cascades. The Coast is included in that as off shore flow will be going. No, this time this is not a Chetco Effect because it is affecting the entire coastline, not just Curry County. Granted Curry County will still be the warmest spot at the coast. That thermal trough will start to make it's move onshore Monday night and this will return an onshore flow to the coastal areas cooling them. But inland, this is when temps will climb for sure. Medford will see a high in the mid 80s for Monday, upper 80s for Tuesday, and then right around 90 Wednesday. I am thinking we are going to be in the 89 - 92 range. Literally two weeks ago we were in the 50s and wondering if spring was coming. But, do not expect the sunny hot weather to last.
Because pushing that thermal trough east will be low pressure trough and that is going to jerk us back down to earth abruptly at week's end. We know we will see a cool down for sure. Temps are going to be dropping back to normal to slightly below normal levels for the entire area. We know conditions will be unsettled. What is not known yet is where we are going to see the most intense shower activity hit. Thunderstorms are expected to develop, especially east of the Cascades from Friday through the weekend. Snow levels will be dropping back down in the mountains. We could see them getting as low as 5000 feet for the overnight and morning hours this coming weekend. If you have decided it is time to go camping again, be prepared for that. In the valleys west of the Cascades there is not a great deal of confidence in what to expect for rain coming from showers. We may stay dry with cloudy skies and the showers stay mainly at the coast, Western Josephine County, and from Douglas County north. But, it the track of the low moves in such a way as to place us in the track for the more intense shower activity, then we could see heavy showers arrive to dampen weekend outdoor plans down in the valleys. Back to the mountains and snow potential. It is not looking like a big dump of snow at all. But, 3 - 6 inches of snow including at places like Diamond Lake, and Lake of the Woods would not be out of the question. As I said, confidence in what happens for sure beyond the cool down and a chance for showers and storms is pretty low right now. We will be getting a better feel and therefore higher confidence as we move forward this week. 
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