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FOR 3/18/2019 - from Rogueweather 

Seasonal spring will begin Wednesday afternoon at 2:58 pm. But, it sure looks like mid to even late spring already with the temps we will see today married with abundant sunshine. But, this is the last day we are going to see anything like this for what looks like quite awhile. Changes are already underway that will remind us that we are in early spring by the time we reach Wednesday, and then certainly for the weekend beginning with Friday. But first, we will enjoy a day far more typical for May than for mid March today. The ridge that is over us will be at it's peak strength today. The result will be a very sunny day all over the area. Inland temps are going to be running well up into the 70s west of the Cascades for Southwestern Oregon. After reaching 75 yesterday Medford is going to be real close to 80 today. But, the Klamath and Salmon River valleys of Siskiyou County will be even warmer as they are expected to reach into the 80s today. They almost got there yesterday. East of the Cascades we will see warm temps as well. However, they will not be as far above average as we will be west of the Cascades. But still, some areas will reach the low 60s. For mid March, that is a warm day for sure.
As I said, changes are already underway. We have a trough approaching the West Coast that will send clouds in over us tonight and then we will see them right through Wednesday morning. These will be higher level clouds. And, that means for Tuesday there should still be sun to go along with them. Temps will be still be warm to very warm across the area on Tuesday, but will be lower than today by at least 5 degrees. When we get to Wednesday the clouds lower and thicken, and then this is where the chance for rain develops of the area. Snow levels will be on the high side up around 6000 feet. Temps will also plummet and get back to right where they should be at this point of March. We will see a chance for showers on Wednesday night. Snow levels will remain high int he mountains up around 6000 feet. Right now Thursday shapes up to be a good break day between systems. Should be getting a look at some sunshine over most of the area.
But, come Friday we start going into a set of systems that will bring back the echoes of winter. A fairly serious looking system will arrive in the flow of the trough that should trigger significant rain and snow. Temps will really fall to well below average levels. When that happens we will see snow levels getting back down to around 4000 feet by Saturday morning. Clearly that is not as low as what we have been seeing over the last month. But, for later March a 4000 foot snow level is getting down there. Right now it looks like elevations 5000 feet and above could see up to a foot of snow from Friday through Saturday. Down in the lower elevations expect to see steady state rain with decent rainfall totals. We will transition to showers on Saturday mid day. That chance for showers will persist through Sunday. Temps stay on the cool to even cold side through the weekend. Looking ahead to next week the models and data all support continued active weather with below average temps. Sounds like we really need to enjoy the weather we are seeing today and will see tomorrow. 

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