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FORECAST FOR 12/20/2014 - presented by Valley Immediate Care

Rain, heavy at times along with windy conditions. High winds will be found in the mountains, east of the Cascades, and Northern California. Expect gusts to 50 miles an hour in the lower elevations, with gusts to 60 miles an hour for higher elevations. Snow levels this morning near 5000 feet in the Siskiyous and 4500 feet in the Cascades will be rising to 7000 - 8000 feet by this evening, and to 9000 feet overnight. Highs will be near 50 for the valleys, with 30s and 40s for the mountains and east of the Cascades. Overnight lows will be near 50 for the valleys, and in the 40s for the mountains and east of the Cascades.


The National Weather Service has issued an aerial flood watch for all counties west of the Cascades except Jackson County. A large plume of deep tropical moisture is headed right for the area. Expect moderate to heavy rainfalls through Sunday night. Flooding is most likely to occur on the coastal river systems, small streams, and in cities across the watch area. Expect rainfall of up to 6 inches in the watch area through Sunday night.

If you live near waterways, you are advised to keep an close eye on them as water levels could rise rapidly during the heavy rains. If you come across a submerged road, you should never attempt to drive through flood waters. This is a leading cause of death in floods. Stay out, stay alive.


The National Weather Service office in Medford, Oregon has issued a Wind Advisory for the above area due to winds sustained at 30 - 35 miles an hour with gusts to 45 - 50 miles an hour. These winds may cause damage to trees and structures. Power outages are possible. High profile vehicles will find travel difficult.

Highways in the advisory area include Interstate 5, and Highway 97 near Weed.

Locations in the advisory area include....Weed, Lake Shastina, Yreka, and Montague.


The National Weather Service office in Medford, Oregon has issued a High Wind Warning for the above areas due to winds sustained at 24 - 45 miles an hour with gusts reaching to 70 miles an hour. The strongest winds are occurring in Northern lake County near Summer Lake. These winds are capable of causing damage to structures. Trees my fall onto structures and power lines resulting in damage and power outages. Winds will impact travel with trees and other debris falling into roadways. Travel in high profile vehicles will be hazardous.

Highways impacted in the warning area include.....97, 140, 31, 395, and 299.

Locations in the warning area include.....Chemult, Crescent, Bly, Paisley, Sprague River, Summer Lake, Christmas Valley, Lakeview, Adel, Canby, and Alturas.


The National Weather Service has issued a High Surf Advisory due to breakers reaching to 30 feet. These surf levels will create dangerous conditions for beaches and jetties. High tide periods will be especially hazardous. Stay well back away from break points as run up will be significant. Jetties will be inundated by these seas. During high tides, lowland flooding is possible. This is especially likely for the Port Orford area.

Valley Immediate Care is the proud presenter of Click on the link to visit them.

Need the forecast for the next week? Get it here on the Line X of Southern Oregon Weekly forecast page!

Crater Lake National Park is proposing a dramatic rise in the price of entrance fees into the park that would take effect as soon as early 2015. Get the full details below.


Right on time, here comes the major storm. It's it a true Pineapple Express, or what is now being called an "atmospheric river". Call it what you want, what it means is rain coming in and a healthy amount of it. It also means snow levels will be jumping up in the mountains. The rains are going to be heavy, and in some areas very heavy. Looking at projected totals through Sunday, some areas of Douglas County and the Cascades could see as much as 6 inches of rain. Elsewhere, rainfall totals look to be running from 2 - 5 inches depending on your area. Mountainous terrain is going to see more due to orographic lift. That is where the mountains help wring the clouds out causing more rainfall. Snow levels this morning are near 4500 feet in the Cascades, and near 5000 feet in the Siskiyous. They are expected to rise to 7000 - 8000 feet by this evening. They continue to climb to 9000 feet overnight. Snow levels will remain there until we reach Wednesday / Christmas Eve....and then they will come crashing down abruptly.

Be looking for winds as well. These winds could get quite strong at the Coast, in the mountains, east of the Cascades, and in Northern California. Expect wind gusts are to 50 - 60 miles an hour. High wind warnings are up. High surf advisories are up for the Southern Oregon and Northern California coastlines with breakers running 25 - 30 feet from today through early Sunday. This will make being on the beaches and the jetties extremely hazardous. These sea conditions will also shut down fishing for the weekend.

We will see rain or the chance for it through Tuesday of next week, and then things get VERY interesting! A cold front is going to push through on Wednesday. It is going to bring a very abrupt change to our weather. Snow levels that will be near 9000 feet early Wednesday morning, will drop to 2500 - 3000 feet just 24 hours later early on Christmas morning. Now, the interesting part is what this means for a White Christmas potential. We will have on going shower activity in the region when this cold air arrives. There will likely still be some post frontal shower activity early on Christmas day. Amounts with these showers look to be on the light side. I do believe there will be enough activity to whiten things up for areas east of the Cascades and down in Northern California. Generally 1 - 2 inches for those areas. For the valleys of Southwest Oregon, this gets a bit tougher. Medford's forecast low on Christmas morning is going to be 35. This temperature suggests that we could see a rain snow mix early on Christmas morning in the Rogue Valley. I am not expecting any accumulation. But, if you got a heavy shower, or a several showers in succession, then I suppose it would be possible to see a slushy build up of way less than inch to occur. If that happens, you better be up really early on Christmas morning to see it. By later in the morning I have no doubts at all that the real snow level with accumulating snow will be 2500 - 3000 feet. As for later on Christmas day, I see us partly cloudy with a slight chance for showers. Looks like Christmas will be more sunny than not. That will be a pleasant change from many years when it is foggy, or cloudy and rather gloomy looking.


Rainfall for the 24 hours ending at Midnight last night: 0.17

For the month of December the rainfall total is: 1.18 

For the Calendar year: 19.15 inches of precipitation. Normal precipitation for a calendar year for Medford is 18.75 inches of precipitation. We are 0.20 inches above normal for the calendar year

For the water year since September 1: 7.76 inches. This is .83 inches above average. We are above average to this point because of the surpluses in September and October.

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We are ready to be operational with the Phantom Drone aircraft provided by McMurray and Sons Roofing and Energy Management. We will change how you get immediate information from fires, floods, and other events that will impact your life in the region. This will give you much better information you will need to make decisions about evacuations or other measures to protect life and property.

The video you sill see below was shot during the thunderstorm that hit on Tuesday the 22nd of July. I was impressed by what I was seeing with the naked eye. I had NO idea what the camera was getting. What I saw was mind blowing! The video below is of one lightning strike sequence that happened over Jacksonville. Watch the difference between what your naked eye sees, and what our camera picks up. This is stunning stuff!

ALL video is property of and McMurray and Sons. NO unauthorized use without permission.

For clearance and permission, please contact Greg Roberts at 541 - 261 - 8620.

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We are working on breaking down an impressive strike sequence that shows a lightning strike from it's genesis stage to the completed strike. Now, you can see this strike in the sequence above. But, when we get finished doing the frame by frame editing you are not going to believe what the camera picked up! I am thrilled because I have never seen a lightning strike sequence this well detailed before quite like this one.



Crater Lake National Park has announced a proposal  to increase its $10 entrance fee by 150 percent to account for inflation and provide revenue the park says is needed for maintenance projects.

Entrance fees per vehicle, which allows occupants into the park for seven days, would increase to $25. Individual fees would increase from $5 to $12 and motorcycle passes would be raised substantially, from $5 to $20. Interagency passes would remain unchanged at $80 general. $10 for a senior pass, and stay free for military purchasers.

Park officials are asking for public input through late December.The new fees, which would put Crater Lake comparable on fee structure to other national parks of its size. If the proposed fee structures are adopted, they could be implemented by early 2015, though the schedule could vary based on public feedback according to park officials. National Park officials said the increase is to stay consistent with inflation, as entrance fees have not changed since 1997, when seven-day passes doubled, from $5 to $10. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index shows $10 in 1997 is equivalent to about $14.79 in 2014.

They say the extra revenue is needed for repair and maintenance of park facilities, building restoration, additional park programs, transportation services and increased resource protection. Some improvement projects already in the works include reconstruction of the Cleetwood Cove bulkhead and dock facility, expansion of the Cleetwood parking area, repaving of the Mazama Campground, construction of a trail at Plaikni Falls, and the production of an orientation video for the park. The park is looking at these projects as necessary repairs and upgrades, but at the same time is dealing with budgetary cuts that would not provide adequate funding for these projects without the raising of fees as proposed.

Public comments on the proposed increase can be submitted online at Emails can also be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or via standard postal mail at:

Superintendent, Attention:

Proposed Fee Increase

P.O. Box 7

Crater Lake, OR 97604


Southern Oregon Subaru

3103 Biddle Road

Medford, Oregon


541 - 245 - 2000 index.htm

I have owned seven Subarus, every one of them was reliable and handled the driving conditions of the Northwest extremely well. This is the BEST snow and ice car that has ever been made PERIOD! I have never had to chain up a Subaru. With the incredible all wheel drive system that the car employs, you will get through the toughest conditions safely. Subarus have the highest awards for safety in the automotive industry. Every vehicle they make earns a five star safety rating. The dependability of the Subaru is legendary. Stop by Southern Oregon Subaru on Biddle Road in Medford to take a test drive. The entire staff at Southern Oregon Subaru is wonderful to deal with. Trust will find a lot to love about Subaru to make a Subaru....YOUR Subaru. Tell them sent you.

Jefferson Spirits

404 East Main Street

Medford, Oregon.


541 - 622 - 8190

Want a bar for grown ups? Want a place with a very relaxed casual atmosphere? I have just the place for you. Jefferson Spirits is located in downtown Medford on East Main Street just west of Bear Creek. It is a truly comfortable place to enjoy the best cocktails in the valley. They have a superb whiskey & scotch selection. In fact, they have a wonderful selection of all distilled spirits including labels you may not be that familiar with. You will find traditional favorites, but if you want to sample something new, they will be the place to go. Cocktails of every kind you can think of are the specialties, but straight up, or on the rocks, you get it your way. They also have craft micro brews on tap featuring the very best offerings from around the region. 

Jefferson Spirits also offers dining and the menu while not expansive does offer really unique selections like Mac oven baked macaroni and cheese with of course prosciutto. YUM! Jefferson Spirits opens daily at 4:30 pm and is open until Midnight Monday through Saturday, and 10 pm on Sunday. Sunday nights are open mic nights so come on down and share your talent. If you are having a special event, Jefferson Spirits can do catering service for your event. If that event involves the serving of alcohol, you will want to talk to them for sure.

Interstate Batteries

2 locations in Southern Oregon

894 S. Front Street

Central Point, Oregon

541 - 664 - 3417

116 SW M St.

Grants Pass, Oregon

541 - 476 - 0703

Need a battery for ANY purpose? I am talking about everything from a calculator right up to a huge motor coach? Then Interstate Batteries is where you go! I do not care what kind of battery you are looking for, they have it. From triple, and doubles "A"s to power hand held devices all the way up to the biggest batteries to power semi trucks, Interstate has them all. Interstate batteries are legendary for their cranking power and longevity. You also get coverage with Interstate in the form of warranties,and they have locations EVERYWHERE across the nation. In addition to having the batteries you need for every use you can think of, Interstate also has battery powered accessory items like flashlights, spotlights, and camping lanterns. In addition, the store here in Central Point sells previously owned golf carts. They recondition them and then you get a great deal on a golf cart that is good as new, but you save hundreds, even thousands in some cases. So stop in and check out Interstate Batteries in Central Point and in Grants Pass. Craig and his crews are awesome and they will treat you right. Be sure to tell them that Rogueweather sent you.

ABOUT ROGUEWEATHER.COM is based in Medford, Oregon. The founder, Greg Roberts is the forecaster. Greg has nearly 30 years of weather forecasting experience, specializing in severe weather events. Greg has received training from a variety of sources, including the University of Oklahoma. 

Greg volunteers as a Skywarn weather observer for the National Weather Service. This has lead to many hours out in the field storm chasing and getting up close with the storms he loves. 

Greg also served as a wildland and municipal fire fighter and EMT. While a fire fighter he earned many certifications including Engine Company Officer and Incident Commander for wildland fires. His weather knowledge was useful on wildland fires he worked in Oregon and Northern California. Greg still consults with various fire departments, and also for private wildland fire fighting companies on fire related matters.


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