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FORECAST FOR 1/30/2015 - presented by Valley Immediate Care

Mostly sunny after areas of morning fog or low clouds for the valleys west of the Cascades. Highs will be in the upper 50s for the valleys. 40s to near 50 for the mountains and east of the Cascades. Overnight lows will be in the mid 30s for the valleys, with 20s for the mountains and east of the Cascades.


The National Weather Service office in Medford, Oregon has issued an air stagnation advisory for the above areas.

Expect very poor air quality. The inversion conditions will persist trapping pollutants at the surface creating unhealthy air conditions. Those with chronic breathing issues like asthma and COPD should avoid contact with outside air. Those with shorter term conditions like colds, or flu may see symptoms worsen with the poor air quality. You should limit outdoor activity.

Valley Immediate Care is the proud presenter of Click on the link to visit them.

Need the forecast for the next week? Get it here on the Line X of Southern Oregon Weekly forecast page!

Oregon Department of Forestry is offering grant money to help people get their properties fire safe in the Bear Creek Valley area near Ashland and Talent, and in the Applegate Valley. Get the full details below.

WEATHER SUMMARY DISCUSSION - Brought to you by Valley Vinyl & Pristine Window Films

On and on it goes. This morning looks just like yesterday morning. That means we should expect a similar day in all respects. Look for sunny skies once the fog and low clouds burn off. They will be quickest to do that in the Medford area, but they will also burn off today for Josephine and Douglas Counties too. The weekend looks to be more of the same for what we have seen. I did notice that the air stagnation advisory was pushed out to Sunday now. No surprise to me. I had told you that is where it was headed.

So how do we look for next week? Honestly about the same as yesterday. The biggest change is on Monday as the data now wants to bring rain to the area then. I am not sure yet that we are going to see rain beyond the usual wet spots, the Coast, Douglas County, and the Cascades but this is bearing watching now. The ridge that is in place is going to be very stubborn to displace. It will eventually move to the east of us allowing storms to finally come in. But, I think the systems being seen in the data runs for next week are going to have a really tough time doing anything until we get to the weekend. That is when we will see the arrival of yet another Pineapple Express. Yay for the rain that it will for the fact that snow levels will be high. Once we finally get that ridge out of here, we look to get very stormy. Eventually that activity brings snow back to the mountains. That looks best to happen right around the 10th or so from the look of things this morning.


Rainfall for the 24 hours ending at Midnight last night: 0.00

For the month of January the rainfall total is: 1.25. This is 1.05 inches below average

For the Calendar year: 1.25. Normal precipitation for a calendar year for Medford is 18.75 inches of precipitation. 

For the water year since September 1: 10.14 inches. This is 0.38 inches below average. 

The support I have received from all of you is tremendous. It really is. The traffic both here on the website, and on social media is exceeding my every expectation. You people are awesome.

I am asking just one thing of you. One. VISIT the sponsors of Rogueweather. This is VERY easy to do. EVERY ad here on links to a website or a facebook page. Just click on those banner ads. Each day I feature sponsors here on the home page and on facebook. When you see them, click on the link to visit them. That is all you have to do. Easy, quick, simple. No real effort required. But it means a LOT later when I ask for their continued support of Rogueweather. It really does. They can then see for themselves how much you believe in Rogueweather. Obviously buying your goods and services from these wonderful people is great. And when you do that....PLEASE let them know you have seen them on Rogueweather.

Mother's Day, Graduation, Father's Day, and other major events are coming up. Many wedding anniversaries happen in the summer. You will find GREAT gifts and ideas for all of these upcoming special events by looking through the business directory / partner's page at All of these businesses are committed to supporting the local community. Here is the link to get you to the business directory / partner's page....... is on KMED am 1440 Monday and Friday at 7:10 am. I will be doing outdoor recreation reports giving you a quick look at what is going on in Southern Oregon. These are brought to you by Waterworld Boat and Power Sports. For the latest in news from Southern Oregon and the on the banner below and you will get updated by KMED on all that is going on. 


We are ready to be operational with the Phantom Drone aircraft provided by McMurray and Sons Roofing and Energy Management. We will change how you get immediate information from fires, floods, and other events that will impact your life in the region. This will give you much better information you will need to make decisions about evacuations or other measures to protect life and property.

The video you sill see below was shot during the thunderstorm that hit on Tuesday the 22nd of July. I was impressed by what I was seeing with the naked eye. I had NO idea what the camera was getting. What I saw was mind blowing! The video below is of one lightning strike sequence that happened over Jacksonville. Watch the difference between what your naked eye sees, and what our camera picks up. This is stunning stuff!

ALL video is property of and McMurray and Sons. NO unauthorized use without permission.

For clearance and permission, please contact Greg Roberts at 541 - 261 - 8620.

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We are working on breaking down an impressive strike sequence that shows a lightning strike from it's genesis stage to the completed strike. Now, you can see this strike in the sequence above. But, when we get finished doing the frame by frame editing you are not going to believe what the camera picked up! I am thrilled because I have never seen a lightning strike sequence this well detailed before quite like this one.



Financial Assistance Available in SW Jackson County for Wildfire Abatement Projects

The Oregon Department of Forestry is helping eligible residents in Southern Jackson County, including the Bear Creek and Applegate River valleys, with fire hazard fuel reduction projects. Landowners who live near the areas listed below are encouraged to call (541) 664-3328 to schedule a free/no obligation property assessment. Eligible projects are usually within the 1-5 acre range and are paid at a rate of $500 per acre of work.

In order to qualify for these cost-share grants, a landowner/agent needs to contact ODF to schedule an appointment, agree to the area and project parameters, and complete the work. Once the project is finished and the project area passes final inspection, the landowner/agent will receive a check in the mail. The landowner/agent is responsible for completion of the project, whether they perform the work themselves or hire it out. All projects are paid on a rebate basis and funds will only be awarded after the completion of identified projects.

Grants are available in the following areas:

Wagner Creek Road – Anderson Creek Road

Pioneer Road – Coleman Creek Road – Griffin Creek Road

South Stage Road – Parts of Jacksonville

Sterling Creek Road

West Griffin Creek Road – Poorman Creek Road

Highway 238 from Jacksonville to Provolt

China Gulch Road – Forest Creek Road

Upper Applegate Road from Ruch to Little Applegate Road

Hamilton Road Area

Thompson Creek Road – Humbug Creek Road

If landowners outside of the grant areas are interested in having a free/no obligation property assessment with regard to wildland fire safety, they are also encouraged to call (541) 664-3328.

Firewise - The Oregon Department of Forestry has a small budget available to help rural neighborhoods to become accredited as a Firewise Community. Residents in Jackson County that live near areas of potential wildfire risk and would like to learn more about becoming a Firewise Community are encouraged to call (541) 664-3328 or visit Firewise online.

For more information about the fuel-reduction grant program, and to schedule a free on-site fire risk assessment, call Derick Price at ODF’s Medford office, (541) 664-3328.


Line X of Southern Oregon

4840 Airway Drive

Medford, Oregon


541 - 734 - 2600

Line X has become the industry standard in spray in truck bed liners. Their bed liners are tough, durable, and they bond to the surface of the truck bed so there is no way water can get trapped under them and create issues. In addition, you cannot tear these liners. Go ahead. Drop rocks, fire wood, anything at all on them and the Line X bed liner stands up to it all. In addition, being that the liner is sprayed on, you never have to worry about it coming loose and flying out of your bed at 60 miles an hour. Did you know that Line X bed liners come with a full lifetime warranty? They do. And, there are Line X dealers all over the country to assist you if you should ever need it. Line X bed liners will add value to your truck. You will get extra money for your truck at trade in time because it has a Line X bed liner in it. And, when purchasing a new truck, be sure to ask the dealership about having Line X of Southern Oregon spray a bed liner in your truck. Many of the dealerships here in the Rogue Valley including Crater Lake Ford, and Lithia use Line X of Southern Oregon to add both bed liners and accessories like running boards and nerf bars to trucks. These products look great and add value and benefits. 

My friends Justin and Mark and the whole team at Line X of Southern Oregon are as great as they come. I recommend them completely knowing you will have a great experience there. I have a Line X bed liner in my truck. It does the job for sure...and it looks great. No more scratched up, dinged up, exposed paint in the bed. On a black truck it looks terrific. Click on the link above or stop in and see Justin and Mark to see what a Line X bed liner can do for you. In addition, you can see the lineup of Line X brand truck accessories to give your truck the look you want, or to provide a helpful benefit to you and your family.


323 E. Main Street

Medford, Oregon


541 - 770 - 9100

Beerworks is a specialty bottle shop and pub that features weekly beer tastings & over 350 beers that can be purchased for home consumption or on premises enjoyment. They have 4 beers on tap as well so you can fill your growlers or have a pint at the store, or even while you shop. They will also offer kegs for sale as well as all the supplies you will need to tap that keg at home or at your function. If you are into beer and like discovering new breweries and varieties. This is heaven for you.

Mike's Marine Service

2660 Bullock Road

Medford, Oregon.


541 - 621 - 2860

There are choices when it comes to keeping your boat engines in good working order, or to get them repaired. But, the choice for many people is Mike's Marine Service here in Medford. Mike is a certified repair specialist for boat engines. He has many years of experience in working on all kinds of boat engines. Inboards, outboards, and stern drives. From 1 horse to 500 hp, Mike can repair them all. He is certified by Mercury Outboard and Mercruiser, but works on all marine engines. He will do any level of service work you need done. Maintenance like oil changes, tune ups, winterizing, all the way to rebuilds. And again, if you think it is beyond repair, be sure to check with Mike. Mike has the knowledge and expertise to repair your engines and keep them running in top performance. This means you spend more time on the water having fun and less time with your boat in the shop. Mike also has parts and accessories available as well. Mike moved to a new location on Bullock Road near the Airport. You find him across from Lithia Body and Paint. You can also see his shop from Highway 62 as well. You can trust him to do the job, and to do it right. If I damaged a boat motor, or it was not running right, he would be my first call. Make him yours too.

ABOUT ROGUEWEATHER.COM is based in Medford, Oregon. The founder, Greg Roberts is the forecaster. Greg has nearly 30 years of weather forecasting experience, specializing in severe weather events. Greg has received training from a variety of sources, including the University of Oklahoma. 

Greg volunteers as a Skywarn weather observer for the National Weather Service. This has lead to many hours out in the field storm chasing and getting up close with the storms he loves. 

Greg also served as a wildland and municipal fire fighter and EMT. While a fire fighter he earned many certifications including Engine Company Officer and Incident Commander for wildland fires. His weather knowledge was useful on wildland fires he worked in Oregon and Northern California. Greg still consults with various fire departments, and also for private wildland fire fighting companies on fire related matters.


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