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Today's forecast 7/31/2014 - brought to you by Valley Immediate Care 

Mostly sunny and hot with a chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms in all areas of Southern Oregon and Northern California, except the Coastal areas. Some storms may have little moisture with them. Others may have heavy downpours. Expect frequent lightning and gusty winds with any storms. Highs will be in the low 100s for the valleys, and in the 90s for the mountains and east of the Cascades. Overnight lows will be near 70 for the valleys, with 50s and 60s for the mountains and east of the Cascades.


The National Weather Service Office in Medford has issued a Red Flag Warning from 2 pm to 11 pm for expected development of thunderstorms with frequent lightning striking very dry fuels. This is expected to contribute to numerous fire starts. Some storms may have heavy rains with them, others will have wetting rains, and yet others could be dry storms with little if any rainfall. Lightning striking dry fuels and not getting rain would be certain fire starters. Storms may have gusty winds that could cause fires to gain size rapidly.

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There was a fire in the field that the airport owns off Corona Avenue in North Medford recently. See what is happening to prevent that from happening again, and to help people who suffered losses in the fire. Scroll down below for the story.


I literally did not have to change a thing for today's forecast. It was a "Groundhog Day" scenario playing out in real life. Going to see thunderstorms again today that will give us the chance for more fires to start. There is just no other way to put that. There are literally dozens of fires out there from storms the last two days. Fire fighters will have their hands very full. Looking at the data this morning, it looks like we will see even more storms today west of the Cascades than yesterday. This could finally get Josephine and Douglas Counties in on the action.

Once we get to tomorrow, the storm threat looks to shift back to the Cascades and points east for the most part. Might see a couple scattered storms in the Siskiyous especially the eastern part. West of the Cascades from that point, we look to be seeing plenty of heat with highs near 100 to the low 100s right through next week. Sadly, this will be perfect weather to feed the fires out there. A lot of people are worried about the potential for impacts from smoke like we saw last year. That could happen, but if it does, it would be largely an early to mid morning event. The atmospheric set up is NOTHING like what we had last year at this time when we were mired in heavy smoke in Jackson and Josephine Counties.








NEW FIRE.......WAGNER COMPLEX: Jackson County, south of Talent and east of Applegate. Lightning caused. This is a group of 11 small fires burning on a mix of Forest Service and BLM land protected by ODF. Fires are burning mostly in timber. Some fires were just creeping along, and others had moderate behavior with uphill runs and torching. Most of the fires are concentrated on Wagner Butte itself. There are at least 6 fires burning on Wagner Butte from the bottom of the mountain outside Talent to the top. There are fires is close proximity to each other. If things go just right.....the fires on the upper part of the mountain could merge. In addition there are an additional five fires burning on BLM land from Anderson Butte over to Wagner Butte, and then west over to Applegate Reservoir. They are hitting the fires with hand crews, engines, and aircraft including helicopters and air tankers. The Siskiyou Rappellers helitack crew from Merlin are working on this complex especially the fires higher up on Wagner Butte. Some of the resources up here include units from Jackson County Fire District 5, Jacksonville Fire, Ashland Fire, and Medford Fire Rescue. Additional resources ordered...especially for the fires burning on Forest Service land.

NEW FIRE.......CAMP CREEK COMPLEX: Jackson County, near Butte Falls. Lightning caused. Fires are burning on a mix of Forest Service and BLM lands protected by ODF. At last count at least 30 fires mostly small and under an acre on the High Cascades Ranger District in the area of Rustler Lookout, and on adjacent BLM lands. Mostly moderate fire behaviors being seen. Crews on the fires were making significant progress on containment yesterday before disengaging as storms passed over creating erratic fire behavior due to outflow winds from the thunder cells. Firefighters re-engaged as soon as it was safe to do so. They have hand crews, engines, water tenders, bulldozers, and helicopters working this complex. Additional resources have been ordered.

NEW FIRE......SALT CREEK FIRE: Jackson County, near Evans Valley. Lightning caused. Fire is burning on ODF protected lands. It is burning in a mix of timber and brush. 100 acres, zero percent containment. Extreme fire behavior yesterday with wind driven up sloping runs creating group torching, short crown runs, and long range spotting. The fire did lay down well last night, but it is going to be a tough fight on this one as the area is remote presenting access issues. Thick vegetation will both slow containment efforts and fuel fire growth. They have a full resource mix allocated for the fire including hand crews, engines, water tenders, bulldozers, helicopters, and air tankers. Total personnel - 81

NEW FIRE.......HAYSTACK COMPLEX: Grant County, near John Day. Lightning caused. Fires are burning on ODF protected lands. An Oregon Interagency type II IMT has command. 1736 acres, zero percent contained. Fires are burning in timber, grass, and brush. Active fire behavior yesterday with running, torching, and spotting. There are structures threatened here. Fire behavior is expected to be very active again today especially if thunderstorms come up as predicted and bring winds. Thunderstorm winds really drove the rates of spread of the fires in the complex yesterday. The call for additional resources has gone out. A full mix of resources including hand crews, engines, water tenders, bulldozers, helicopters, and air tankers are fighting the fires. Total personnel - 280

NEW FIRE.......SNIPTION FIRE: Gilliam County, near Condon. Lightning caused. Fire is burning on BLM lands. Fire is burning in grass, brush, and juniper. 12,000 acres, 5 percent contained. Active fire behavior with long surface runs and spotting. Structures are threatened. Very active fire behavior is expected again today so the call for additional resources has gone out. Resources on scene now include a hand crew, engines, and water tenders. Total personnel - 27

REEVES CREEK FIRE: Josephine County, near Selma. Cause under investigation. The fire is burning on private lands and is commanded by Illinois Valley Fire and ODF. 204 acres, 50 percent contained. The fire is burning in mixed brush and timber. The terrain is a challenge for crews, and vegetation is very thick out there. The fire had minimal behavior yesterday. The reduction in acreage was the result of getting good mapping done. The fire did lay down very well again overnight allowing hand crews and bulldozers to make solid progress in getting more re enforced fire lines in. They do have hose lines in all around the fire now and they have moved into mop up as they are working their way into the black. Helicopters continue to attack the hottest areas of the fire perimeter. Numerous structures remain threatened by the fire, but the level 1 evacuation notice for Wildpark Lane near Selma has been dropped. Other areas along Reeves Creek Road and Lakeshore Road remain at level 1. Some helicopters may be pulled from the fire today to assist with new fire starts. Resources from the fire will assist the local unit with new fire starts in the area. A full mix of resources are working the fire including hand crews, engines, water tenders, bulldozers, and helicopters. Total personnel - 325.

LAUNCH FIRE: Klamath County at Fourmile Lake. Cause is human related. An Oregon Interagency IMT II has command led by Applegate Fire District Chief Brett Fillis. 75 acres, unknown percent contained. The fire is burning in timber. Moderate fire behavior with torching and spotting being seen. Sadly, there was a fire fighter fatality here yesterday. A fire fighter died due to injuries suffered in a fall while he was on a lunch break. Matthew Goodnature was just 21. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and co workers. Resources are arriving to work this fire. The fire is burning in the Sky Lakes Wilderness where it meets Fourmile Lake. This will limit the use of some equipment like bulldozers. The mix of resources include hand crews, engines, and helicopters. Total personnel - 111.

PUMICE FLAT FIRE: Klamath County inside Crater Lake National Park, Lightning caused. An Oregon Interagency IMT III has command. 25 acres, 75 percent containment. The fire is burning in timber. Minimal fire behavior yesterday. They are fighting this fire very aggressively as it has high growth potential and could move off park lands. There are currently hand crews, 2 helicopters, 1 air attack and 4 engines working this fire. Total personnel - 150.


NEW FIRE........3-7 DAY FIRE: Modoc County near Day. Lightning caused. Cal Fire has command of the fire. 300 acres, zero percent contained. The fire is burning in timber and brush. Very active fire behavior yesterday with running and long range spotting. Structures are threatened. The call for additional resources has gone out. Currently a full mic of resources are battling this fire. That includes hand crews, engines, water tenders, bulldozers, helicopters, and air tankers. Total personnel - 72

SISKIYOU COUNTY FIRE INFORMATION: On Monday, helicopter water buckets and rappelers were used on the KNF's Salmon/Scott District to suppress the Election and Mullane fires, burning southeast of Mary Blaine Mountain on the Salmon River divide. Yesterday, smokejumpers were sent to two fires on the Salmon/Scott District, to suppress the Bingham Fire and the Leef Fire, both burning northwest of Carter Meadow's Summit. The largest of the KNF fires is the Leef fire, estimated at 15 acres. Air tankers were also called in to make drops on several fires in Siskiyou County yesterday.

The Klamath National Forest and CAL FIRE have both brought in additional resources to reinforce firefighting capabilities On the Klamath National Forest, twelve additional fire engines, three additional hand crews and two helicopters from other jurisdictions have been brought in. CAL FIRE has brought in four additional crews and five engines.

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We are ready to be operational with the Phantom Drone aircraft provided by McMurray and Sons Roofing and Energy Management. We will change how you get immediate information from fires, floods, and other events that will impact your life in the region. This will give you much better information you will need to make decisions about evacuations or other measures to protect life and property.

The video you sill see below was shot during the thunderstorm that hit on Tuesday the 22nd of July. I was impressed by what I was seeing with the naked eye. I had NO idea what the camera was getting. What I saw was mind blowing! The video below is of one lightning strike sequence that happened over Jacksonville. Watch the difference between what your naked eye sees, and what our camera picks up. This is stunning stuff!

ALL video is property of and McMurray and Sons. NO unauthorized use without permission.

For clearance and permission, please contact Greg Roberts at 541 - 261 - 8620.

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We are working on breaking down an impressive strike sequence that shows a lightning strike from it's genesis stage to the completed strike. Now, you can see this strike in the sequence above. But, when we get finished doing the frame by frame editing you are not going to believe what the camera picked up! I am thrilled because I have never seen a lightning strike sequence this well detailed before quite like this one.



As you may know, there was a fire in the field that the airport owns off Corona Avenue in North Medford recently. A combine was working harvesting barley when it suffered a mechanical malfunction and a fire resulted. Nearly three acres of barley, the combine, a fence at a home on Steelhead Run Drive, and kids plastic play toys were lost to the fire.

Here is the follow up on this:

The field is owned by the airport, but leased by a private party. The party who has leased the field is responsible for anything that happens there, especially anything happening as a result of agricultural activity which this most certainly was. The leasee pays the Airport for use of the land.

What is out there is barley. Barley is a highly valued grain crop. The Airport does not receive any of the revenue for the sale of the barley grown there. All revenue goes to the leasee.

They are going to get another combine out there and finish harvesting the barley. However, the harvest will only take place in the mornings. No more harvest in the afternoon and evening during the highest fire danger periods of the day. In the future, safety measures such as having a 50 foot set back zone near the homes, and fire breaks through the center of the field will be instituted. Being that this is in a city with homes at direct risk from fires in the field, those are prudent steps. The set back zones will not be cultivated and likely will be tilled dirt. I made the suggestion to Mr. Case that the leasee also have a water truck, or a pick up with a slip in fire pack to take care of fires if they do happen. He appreciated that suggestion and it will likely be a condition of lease moving forward.

As for the homeowners who did suffer losses from the fire in the form of a burned up fence, melted plastic kids toys and other losses, they will all be covered for the losses. Mr. Case told me that the County is working with the homeowners to get a full accounting of the total dollar loss and will be working with them to get full compensation, and in the case of the fence assisting in rebuilding it.

I know a lot of people were very angry about what happened based on the erroneous, (and still not corrected), information about this fire that other media outlets have given out. Only Rogueweather corrected the story so that the circumstances of what happened were correct. And, only Rogueweather has done any follow up on the story to let you know what is happening going forward.


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ABOUT ROGUEWEATHER.COM is based in Medford, Oregon. The founder, Greg Roberts is the forecaster. Greg has nearly 30 years of weather forecasting experience, specializing in severe weather events. Greg has received training from a variety of sources, including the University of Oklahoma. 

Greg volunteers as a Skywarn weather observer for the National Weather Service. This has lead to many hours out in the field storm chasing and getting up close with the storms he loves. 

Greg also served as a wildland and municipal fire fighter and EMT. While a fire fighter he earned many certifications including Engine Company Officer and Incident Commander for wildland fires. His weather knowledge was proven to be useful on major wildland fires in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Greg still consults with various fire departments and agencies and also for private wildland fire fighting companies.


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