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Today is back to school day for so many of our local students. Please be extra careful around schools and in neighborhoods that kids will be passing through to get to school. Be watching out for school buses on the roads. Be sure to slow down and be ready to stop when those lights start flashing yellow. Police will be out in force in school zones and following along with buses so expect enhanced enforcement from them in school zones and with buses.

Today's forecast 9/2/2014 - brought to you by Valley Immediate Care 

Mostly sunny. Areas of smoke especially for Northern California and east of the Cascades. Expect breezy to windy conditions this afternoon for the Cascades and Siskiyou County in Northern California. This could result in increased activity for the 790 Fire in the Cascades, and for the fires in Siskiyou County. Highs will be near 90 for the valleys, with 80s for the mountains and east of the Cascades. Overnight lows will be in the mid 50s for the valleys and in the 40s to the low 50s for the mountains and east of the Cascades.



The National Weather Service Office has issued a Red Flag Warning for the above areas due to the expected combination of gusty winds along with low humidity levels. The conditions will create very active fire behavior on existing fires including the 790 Fire, Happy Camp Complex, and the July Complex. Plume dominated fire behavior is possible with a Haines Index of High 6 for the Cascades during that Red Flag Warning period. Haines levels of at least 5 can be expected for the remaining areas under warning. New fire starts with have rapid rates of spread with the conditions expected.

Winds will gust 10 - 20 miles an hour with stronger gusts to 30 miles an hour possible for the areas in Northern California, and Curry, Coos, Jackson, and Josephine Counties.

This Red Flag Warning replaces the previous fire weather watch that was in effect over these areas.


The National Weather Service Office in Medford, Oregon has issued a fire weather watch for the above areas. It is possible that winds could gust to 20 miles an hour and low humidity levels could become very low at less than 20 percent. If these conditions developed, they would fuel rapid growth for new fire starts in the watch area.

This watch is for advisory purposes. A Red Flag Warning is likely for the watch area if the possible conditions appear to become likely to develop.

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Need the forecast for the next week? Get it here on the Line X of Southern Oregon Weekly forecast page!

Have news and notes from the outdoors world. A long standing bird hunting season has been changed in Oregon due to an abundance of them, and Mt. Ashland returns a very popular season pass option for the first time in YEARS. Scroll down below for the story.


So far the data is showing us that September is looking like it will be a continuation of what we have seen for July and August. Hot and dry is the going trend in the forecasts through the weekend. Today is looking to be a bit cooler than yesterday was and Wednesday will be cooler still. This is in response to the passage of a weak trough through the area. Besides lowering temperatures, this trough is going to create some windy conditions at the Coast, and then inland over the higher terrain. Those winds will be hitting both the 790 Fire and the fires in Siskiyou County this afternoon through Wednesday. We could be seeing the fires increase in activity as result. Seeing the big pyrocumulus clouds off the fires, especially the Happy Camp Complex Fires and the Man Fire in the July Complex would not be a surprise at all. A fire weather watch is up for those areas for this afternoon through Wednesday night for gusty winds and low humidity levels. I would expect that will be changed to a Red Flag Warning if those winds happen. 

The trough will pass to the east on Thursday, and it looks like it will trigger an offshore wind flow over at the Coast. Thursday and Friday are expected to be downright hot there. In similar situations in the past, Brookings has hit 100. Not sure if they will hit that this time, but 90 plus looks like a very safe bet for Thursday there. And this looks to be one of those times where the entire Coast sees warm to hot temperatures. This will not be just a localized event to the Brookings area as is so often the case. It will be hotter there, but readings in the 80s to near 90 can be expected all up and down the Coast of Oregon. Fire danger will increase for the Coastal Areas and the Western Slopes of the Coast Range with these conditions. The heat begins to diminish on Friday and by Sunday temps will be back to where they normally are in the 60s. 

For areas inland, we also see the return of heat on Thursday. Medford looks to hit 96 on Thursday, and then we go higher in to the upper 90s for Friday and Saturday. Temps drop to the low to mid 90s for Sunday. After that we are still waiting to see what the next incoming trough will do that is expected to arrive in the Northwest for early next week. This is the one that might even bring us a look at some rain early next week. It will be cooling us down. But, for how long? The data is looking more like this is going to be brief respite from the heat because the models are already pointing to us returning hot weather and highs in the 90s by the end of next week.







I will be reporting on major fires in the region that pose a significant threat, or have not reached the point where they are of minimal stable fire activity. I will not be reporting on fires that are considered to be well under control, or not likely to be a threat to grow any longer of any size.


790 FIRE: Klamath County, in the Sky Lake Wilderness Area north of Mt. McLoughlin. Burning on the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest and Fremont - Winema National Forest. An Oregon IMT II led by Applegate Rural Fire District Fire Chief Brett Fillis has command of the fire. 2292 acres, 20 percent containment at last report. Fire is burning in timber. Moderate behavior with interior torching. The 790 Fire is the last remaining fire of the Camp Creek Complex that began on July 31st from lightning. The 790 Fire is located in the Sky Lakes Wilderness. The fire is located in an area difficult for crews to access safely. The terrain is rugged and rocky with much blow down debris and standing snags, which prevent firefighters from safely and actively engaging with the fire perimeter. For fire fighters reading this...M.I.S.T. protocols are being followed. Due to firefighter safety concerns, indirect methods have been utilized to fight the fire. Crews continue to hold in check the fire’s eastern flank. It is a high priority to limit the eastern spread of the fire. Additional firefighting resources are being added as full suppression remains the objective. A base of operations (Incident Command Post) is established at Buck Mountain Ranch located just east of Prospect, off of Prospect-Butte Falls Highway. Within the Sky Lakes Wilderness many of the trails are closed due to the 790 Fire. This closure is for both firefighter and public safety. The trail and area closure information is located at the following web address. Fire crews ask that trail users refrain from using these trails as it places themselves and firefighters safety at risk. The fire has a primary southern edge located one mile south of Big Ben Creek and east to Snow Lakes. The northern edge of the fire remains south of Finch Lake. Firefighters continued extending a hose network across the northern and southern flanks and building fireline directly against the fire’s edge. Helicopter rappel crews were added to the western flank and constructed a helicopter landing area to bring in additional crews and equipment. Helicopters supported firefighters in the wilderness by dropping water on hotspots and supplying eight spike camps. Nearly 440 firefighters are “spiked out”—living in very elementary temporary camps—around the perimeter of the fire close to the fireline. The hand crews on this fire are being supported by a 10-mule pack string in addition to helicopters. Resource mix on the fire includes 500 wildland firefighters, 12 rappellers, and 24 smokejumpers, 15 helicopters. and 3 water dropping fixed wing aircraft as needed. 

DECEPTION COMPLEX INCLUDES PREVIOUS REPORTED STALEY COMPLEX: Willamette National Forest. Lightning caused. A, Oregon Interagency IMT II has command. 2278 acres total, 55 percent contained. Fires are burning in timber. Fire behavior was moderate with interior torching. Evacuation advisories are in effect and road closures are in place. There were a total of 92 currently active or contained and controlled fires making up this complex that spans the Willamette National Forest in the Cascades east of the Eugene and Salem areas. The fires in the complex all resulted from lightning activity between July 31st and August 10th. Incident Commander Ross Holloway stated at this morning’s firefighter briefing, “Today we’re on the cusp of a big change in fire activity and behavior.” A dry cold front is anticipated this afternoon, possibly bringing winds of up to 20 mph, but also continuing the cooler temperatures for two more days. By Thursday, a warming and drying trend will begin, including dry easterly flow. Today and tomorrow, crews will be preparing for Thursday’s anticipated increase in fire behavior by taking advantage of the cooler weather to begin burning out some of the fuel near the edges of the fire as weather and fuel conditions are favorable. Burnout operations will also be contingent on fire activity. On the northwest and west side of the fire today, burnouts may occur along the 549 road. A test burn along the eastern edge of the fire below the 5850 road may also be ignited. Lines are being bolstered on the N/NE flank as crews continue to mop up the direct hand line and dozer line on the eastern side of the ridge-top above La Duke Road. Engines and heavy equipment will work along Forest Roads 5847 and 5850 to improve the fire break and further establish a contingency line. The Staley Fire and the Deception Fire are the only remaining fires in the complex that have not been contained or returned back to the local units. Resource mix assigned includes 20 hand crews, 37 engines, 12 water tenders, 4 bulldozers, and 10 helicopters. Total personnel - 961

LOST HUBCAP FIRE: Grant County near, Monument. Unknown cause. Burning on lands protected by ODF. An Oregon IMT II is in command of the fire. 2984 acres, 40 percent contained. Fire is burning in grass, brush, and timber. Moderate fire behavior yesterday with interior torching. Yesterday fire line construction was completed around the perimeter of the fire. This is scratch line and not re enforced fire line. Thus, we have 40 percent containment as they work to get good hard line in aroudn the full perimeter of the fire. Mop up continues along north and east edges of the fire and has begun along the west and south edges of the fire. The fire line in Division M is not tight to the edge of the fire and the unburned fuel is being either burned out or lined to reduce fire activity along the perimeter. Both IR flight and Palm IR will continue to be used to identify hot spots for mop up. A resource mix of 21 hand crews, 19 engines, 9 water tenders, 5 bulldozers, and 6 helicopters are assigned. Total personnel - 622.


HAPPY CAMP COMPLEX - FRYING PAN FIRE AND FAULKSTEIN FIRE HAVE GROWN TOGETHER INTO ONE FIRE NOW : Siskiyou County, near Happy Camp. Lightning caused. Burning on National Forest and private land. A California IMT I is in command of all fires in the complex except the Frying Pan Fire. The Frying Pan Fire is being managed independently by a California type II IMT. Joint attack between Cal Fire and US Forest Service. 66,335 acres, 15 percent contained. Numerous structures threatened including the city of Happy Camp. Fires are burning in timber. Fire behavior continues to be very active with long range spotting and crown runs. Level III Go Now evacuations and road closures in effect. The Frying Pan and Faulkstein fires merged as of 8/29/2014. Acres noted are for the Happy Camp Complex total. Additional acres and growth will be shown under the Frying Pan Fire. Today’s weather is calling for warm and dry conditions, combined with unstable air aloft, suggesting the fire will burn extremely hot this afternoon if it breaks through the inversion. It is possible a large column of smoke with burning embers may cause spotting ahead of the fire up to 1.5 miles. When the inversion lifts, which is expected to occur this afternoon, sustained fire runs are likely to occur where there is densely packed vegetation along the drainages, in particular along the Klamath River.A fire weather watch is in effect from this evening through Wednesday evening due to a combination of strong winds and low humidity for the area of the Happy Camp Complex. There is a high likelihood the fire will reach the communities of Hamburg and Scott Bar along Scott River Road. There is currently a mandatory evacuation in these areas. Residents who have not evacuated, including the community of Sunny Slope, are highly encouraged to reconsider and leave as soon as possible, before the fire reaches the area. As the fire approaches these areas emergency apparatus and firefighters will need complete access to these roads in order to reach homes. Residential traffic attempting to leave this area will complicate these efforts and endanger both civilians and firefighters. Firefighters continue to prep the upper section of Scott River Road by removing fuels around homes and along the roadway. Cal Fire is also putting in contingency dozers lines along Scott Bar Mountain between Bucker Ridge and Little Ferry Road. Resources from the Complex will assist the local units on new fire starts. A full mix of resources including 77 hand crews, 133 engines, 28 water tenders, 22 bulldozers, 11 helicopters, and 6 air tankers. Total personnel - 2737

JULY COMPLEX...INCLUDES THE ACTIVE WHITES, AND MAN FIRES: Siskiyou and Trinity Counties, nearest Sawyers Bar and Etna. Lightning caused. A national type I IMT has command. 40,102 acres, 98 percent containment on the complex all on the Whites Fire. Fires are burning in timber. Whites Fire - Today, air resources will continue to work a more difficult area of the fire above Lower Russian Lake. Firefighters are unable to access this area due to the steep and rocky terrain. Smoke may still be visible from the burning of interior fuels. Crews continue to work adjacent to sawyers Bar Road removing hazard trees, rocks and rollout debris. Resource advisors are working with fire crews to identify and repair areas affected by fireline construction activities and any areas requiring construction of erosion control measures. Man Fire - The fire is at 2874 acres in size with zero containment. This fire is going to be long duration as it is in rugged terrain and burning through abundant dried out fuels. The Man Fire is burning in the Marble Mountain Wilderness near Man Eaten Lake, about 14 miles northwest of Etna. This fire was caused by lightning on August 12. Minimal fire behavior was observed overnight, relative humidity recovery was not as good as predicted, due to clear skies, which will allow the fuels to dry out sooner today. Yesterday crews continued to mop up the hotspots and constructing indirect contingency lines on the northwest and northeast corners of the fire to protect the Pacific Coast Trail. Helicopters were utilized to keep the east and west sides of the fire in check. Klamath National Forest staff are directing crews to maintain full suppression efforts include use of Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics — utilizing geographic features and natural barriers to reduce impacts to the wilderness values. Resources from the Complex will assist the local units on new fire starts. A full resource mix of 14 hand crews, 29 engines, 23 water tenders, 7 bulldozers, and 12 helicopters. Total personnel - 739

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Mother's Day, Graduation, Father's Day, and other major events are coming up. Many wedding anniversaries happen in the summer. You will find GREAT gifts and ideas for all of these upcoming special events by looking through the business directory / partner's page at All of these businesses are committed to supporting the local community. Here is the link to get you to the business directory / partner's page....... is on KMED am 1440 Monday and Friday at 7:10 am. I will be doing outdoor recreation reports giving you a quick look at what is going on in Southern Oregon. These are brought to you by Waterworld Boat and Power Sports. For the latest in news from Southern Oregon and the on the banner below and you will get updated by KMED on all that is going on. 


We are ready to be operational with the Phantom Drone aircraft provided by McMurray and Sons Roofing and Energy Management. We will change how you get immediate information from fires, floods, and other events that will impact your life in the region. This will give you much better information you will need to make decisions about evacuations or other measures to protect life and property.

The video you sill see below was shot during the thunderstorm that hit on Tuesday the 22nd of July. I was impressed by what I was seeing with the naked eye. I had NO idea what the camera was getting. What I saw was mind blowing! The video below is of one lightning strike sequence that happened over Jacksonville. Watch the difference between what your naked eye sees, and what our camera picks up. This is stunning stuff!

ALL video is property of and McMurray and Sons. NO unauthorized use without permission.

For clearance and permission, please contact Greg Roberts at 541 - 261 - 8620.

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We are working on breaking down an impressive strike sequence that shows a lightning strike from it's genesis stage to the completed strike. Now, you can see this strike in the sequence above. But, when we get finished doing the frame by frame editing you are not going to believe what the camera picked up! I am thrilled because I have never seen a lightning strike sequence this well detailed before quite like this one.



The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has made a major change to the season and limits for Mourning Doves. Years of study and tracking have shown that not only is Oregon's populations of doves very is increasing. With that data in hand, Oregon's Mourning Dove season will begin as it traditionally does on Monday September 1st, but it will now run through October 30th adding a month to the season. Bag limits increase to 15 daily, and 45 in possession. The harvest patterns are not likely to change. The biggest majority of doves taken are shot on opening day of the season. That is expected to remain the same. But, by extending the season it is thought that it will result in more opportunities for hunters and more doves harvested. The population can stand it. The studies also revealed that the Eurasian Collared Dove is expanding rapidly in numbers west of the Cascades as well. The Eurasian Collared Dove is bigger than the Mourning Dove. It is found in similar areas. As an invasive species officially, there is no season or bag limits on these doves. You are allowed to hunt them every day of the year. You only need a valid hunting license.

Mt. Ashland has seen many changes in the past few months. Kim Clark was let go as general manager, (He has since been hired by the Bluewood Ski Area in Washington State), and a new Executive Director / Manager of Operations has been hired in the person of Hiram Towie previously of Sunday River, Maine. 

But, it was a decision by the board of the Mt. Ashland Association that really got skiers and riders cheering when it was announced that after years, the Student Season Pass for those attending Southern Oregon University is coming back. The Student Pass will be $299, and will be available September 1st. The move to restore it will only generate good will for the mountain. I join those applauding the decision to bring this pass back because it never should have gone away in the first place. Well done MAA Board.


White's Country Farm

3939 West Main Street (at the corner of Arnold Lane near Jacksonville)

Medford, Oregon


541 - 773 - 8031

The owners of White's, Mark and Linda, took it over in April, 2006. White's first produce stand dates back to the 1970's, and the White family is pleased that the tradition continues with Mark and Linda who are the perfect fit to keep White's good reputation and operation running successfully. White's is always the best place to find locally raised fruits and vegetables. Linda was born and raised in England and enjoys surrounding herself with a taste of home. At White's, you'll find a large selection of her handpicked favorite imported English goods which are always popular. She also turns out wonderful baked goods that you just have to try. She specializes in traditional English country comfort food that is second to none. Her chicken pot pies are fabulous! White's Country Farm's emphasis is on providing customers with top quality fruit along with superior customer service. Offering organic, fresh, local merchandise is Mark and Linda's top priority. "We work hard to ensure that our products are of the highest quality at all times," says Mark. Make sure you give them a try if you want the best and freshest fruit and vegetables with the emphasis on locally raised.

Perl Funeral Home and Siskiyou Memorial Park

2100 Siskiyou Blvd.

Medford, Oregon


541 - 772 - 5488

The one thing none of us want to think about, is the one thing none of us can avoid: the end of life. All of us, one day, will face that. There are dozens of important decisions to be made: cremation or burial? What cemetery? What kind of casket or urn? What kind of memorial service? Where? Confronting these choices is difficult for a grieving family, but you can make things easier on your loved ones by pre-planning with Perl Funeral Home and Siskiyou Memorial Park. Perl and Siskiyou's caring staff can work with you to plan the details of your cremation or burial plan and help ensure your wishes are followed and your family is spared the challenge of making decisions in their grief. Additionally, by making your prearrangements, you will save your family hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in cremation or burial expenses.

I can personally attest to this. My grandmother passed away a few years ago, and while the family was wondering, "What next?" we received a call from Perl's staff. They let us know that Grandma had made all her arrangements with Perl and Siskiyou herself, down to the last detail. All we had to do was show up and remember her. Everything else had been handled by Grandma and the staff at Perl and Siskiyou. We did not have to make any decisions or pay any additional money. It was a wonderful, final gift Grandma left for us. 

You can do this too. Perl and Siskiyou offer the lowest prices for cremation and burial services, but the highest level of service and care. Compassionate care, gracious grounds, and respectful remembrance. You will have it all when you use Perl and Siskiyou for end of life needs. When you call, ask for Kristi or Jammie and they will help you give your family peace of mind.

Flowerland Nursery

6808 Table Rock Road

Central Point, Oregon


541 - 826 - 3485

Flowerland Nursery is a local family operated business that has grown general nursery stock in the Rogue Valley for over 3 decades. They grow their own plants on site, cutting out the middle man, so Flowerland can pass savings on to their customers. At Flowerland it is about offering high quality products adapted to conditions here in the Rogue Valley. They have a wide variety of all types of vegetation. Everything from ground cover plants to trees for shade and decoration. They also feature fruit trees of all kinds. In addition, Flowerland has everything you need for your vegetable gardens. They have starter plants. Flowerland has colorful hanging floral baskets and can advise you on using baskets for growing vegetables, herbs, and strawberries too. You get a lot of great ideas, and tons of knowledge here. Flowerland is open every day. They are right on Table Rock Road near White City. Come out and see Glenn, Sharon, John, Julie and their resident meeter & greeter "Joey dog"

ABOUT ROGUEWEATHER.COM is based in Medford, Oregon. The founder, Greg Roberts is the forecaster. Greg has nearly 30 years of weather forecasting experience, specializing in severe weather events. Greg has received training from a variety of sources, including the University of Oklahoma. 

Greg volunteers as a Skywarn weather observer for the National Weather Service. This has lead to many hours out in the field storm chasing and getting up close with the storms he loves. 

Greg also served as a wildland and municipal fire fighter and EMT. While a fire fighter he earned many certifications including Engine Company Officer and Incident Commander for wildland fires. His weather knowledge was proven to be useful on major wildland fires in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Greg still consults with various fire departments and agencies and also for private wildland fire fighting companies.


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Judy's Flowers

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Medford Car Wash


White's Produce